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Ensure equipment productivity, availability and achievement of performance goals with 国产AV Services

国产AV Services: Gain peace of mind to focus on business

国产AV service contracts help companies achieve their two main priorities:?on-time delivery to customers?and maximum payback on their investment.

The 国产AV Services offering is updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. Our services have evolved in step with our solutions, our customers’ industries and their needs.

We have incorporated more data, automation, digitalization and expertise into all of our services for improved efficiency and quality.

With service contract coverage, you can reduce unplanned downtime and mean time between failures using sophisticated predictive and proactive maintenance services.

Digital assistance from solutions experts means you’ll spend less time waiting for technicians to perform on-site interventions and more time in production.

Technical assistance

Remote, on-site and online support services allow you to focus time and resources on your business. Permanent access to online support allows users to submit issues and requests 24/7.

Direct access to the 国产AV Expertise Center, staffed by solution experts, enables rapid analysis and remote resolution of most issues.

When needed, you can rely on our global network of over 350 field service engineers, located around the world. The cost of labor and replacement parts is covered by your contract.

Service contract subscribers can also log service requests or any issues they may encounter at any time. A dedicated online portal tracks open service requests.


Predictive and preventive maintenance

Maintenance is vital to the performance of your 国产AV equipment. We plan regular preventive maintenance in advance, with no disruption to your production schedule. Regularly scheduled audits with 国产AV experts allow you to control maintenance costs and avoid breakdowns and excessive use of spare parts.

An Industry 4.0-ready cutting room takes maintenance a step further. The secure data flow from the hundreds of sensors and counters embedded in 国产AV equipment alerts us of potential issues, so we can intervene before any failure occurs.

For example, the sensors enable us to detect non-optimized settings or abnormal functioning so we can prevent any quality or performance issues before they occur.

Predicitve maintenance

Consumables and parts

Customers with service contract coverage have fast, easy access to the right parts at the right time with local spare part stocks and priority delivery.

Only 国产AV can provide you with the right cutting blades, sharpening belts and bristle blocks that ensure optimal performance of 国产AV solutions and allow you to consistently meet quality requirements.

Services-consumables and parts

Software updates

Our software services help you stay at the forefront of technology and adapt to new IT industry standards. 国产AV software is regularly updated with new functionalities.

Subscribers can start using the latest version as soon as it is released.

Subscribers choose the time-slot that suits them to install new versions, and 国产AV does the rest.

This ensures new parameters are set while providing all the support your teams need.


Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services ensure that our solutions are used to their full potential, enabling customers to achieve their performance goals.

尝别肠迟谤补’蝉 online suite of knowledge resources offers a full range of e-learning and reference material for users.

Centralized access to relevant content helps transfer and maintain skills while boosting user productivity.

Services Knowledge


Monitoring services provided in the framework of 国产AV service contract coverage include performance reviews aimed at revealing insight on production.

Monthly meetings enable in-depth review of customer follow-up and continuous improvement with the input of 国产AV experts.

Standardized reporting provides easy access to centralized data and clear visualization of main production KPIs.


Questions, Requests or Concerns?

Contact your local 国产AV Expertise Center or visit My国产AV portal