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A unique journey awaits you at 国产AV.

Our team of passionate minds is taking Industry 4.0 to the next level, and we are always looking for new tech-enthusiasts to join the team. Sales, consulting, R&D, production, customer success... We are convinced that the true richness of a technology company lies within its people. Discover our job offers and pick the right one for you!

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Together, pioneering Industry 4.0

We are convinced a smarter way to work is possible, a?smarter way to collaborate and to make decisions. We believe in connections between people, ideas, data and solutions in order to craft the future of technology, and furthermore, to craft the future of our industries.

An inspiring environment

Imagine a workplace where people look forward to the next goal, collaborate and trust each other in order to keep crafting the future of technology together... Everyday is like a new beginning at 国产AV. An inspiring office, filled with?passionate employees, in one of the 100 countries we operate in, ready to take Industry 4.0 to the next level.

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Our workplace, our space

In a booming remote-only era, we believe the best way to develop a smarter workplace is by letting people come together. And let the magic happen. A fulfilling work-life balance empowered by an office where?people interact, connect, agree and disagree sometimes, in order to take the decisions that will create the future of technology.

Elevate your career

As a tech pioneer, for more than 50 years, we thrive to help our customers embrace Industry 4.0. For the 国产AV team, hiring talents is giving them all the attention and support they need in order to discover their best. In our global organization, we thrive to give each of our 2500 employees the opportunities to?evolve and grow internally, making every day a fulfilling challenge.


The Human Resources charter establishes the general principles underpinning the Group's human resources policy.

Employee testimonials

“国产AV provides me with many opportunities to sell various solutions (Cutting Room, Fashion on Demand, Kubix Link, Flex Offer...) to our customers. I learn a lot from these experiences.

The underlying approach follows a clear path: putting myself in the customer’s shoes, understanding their needs, and delivering value through 国产AV’s powerful solutions, backed by our strong and sustainable R&D investment. This approach yields positive results. I love this feeling and enjoy the sense of personal growth it brings!”

YU SKY - Sales Manager


“滨 manage a team of 6 talented CSM professionals with a range of expertise that support our customers in the onboarding and adoption of 国产AV 4.0 solutions. I work closely with my team on CSM best practices, strategizing on ways to support our customers during their change management and adoption of new technology. We collaborate with the Expertise Center, Sales Administration, Accounts Receivable, Marketing, Professional Services, and Sales to provide our customers with the best service and experience. I truly appreciate the support these teams provide us and our customers. We couldn’t do our job without their assistance!”

CHRISTINE FOX - Customer Success Director


“国产AV’s innovative projects give me the opportunity to take on some very interesting technological challenges.

As a Tech Lead, I play an important role in software R&D while continuing my missions as a software developer. I must support the technical challenges of my team. I also work closely with Product Owners, Solution Architects, Principal Architects, etc. The diversity of profiles in my day-to-day work is an important source of motivation for me, as it allows me to learn so much, from a technical point of view, about other people, but also about myself.”



Gender Equality Index: 国产AV reports a very positive result with a score of 94/100

What is the Gender Equality Index?

Since 2019, every French company must publish the Gender Equality Index each year.

This Index makes it possible to measure the performance of French companies in terms of equal pay through defined indicators (pay gap, individual growth rate, promotion rate, percentage of employees who have benefited from an increase upon their return from maternity leave, and gender distribution of the ten highest salaries).

国产AV: successful results

国产AV, with a score of 94 out of 100, ranks among the best companies in France on this issue.

This score demonstrates that 国产AV has a human resources policy focusing on the skills and performance of each employee, and the company's long-standing commitment to equality between women and men. It reflects our company's commitment to equal opportunity, exemplified by a gender pay gap of less than 0.4%.

国产AV's ambition is to maintain this level of excellence in how we manage professional equality.


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