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The fashion market is undergoing intense transformational change.?This paradigm shift is largely driven by fast-changing consumer behavior and expectations, in an environment marked by newfound awareness of sustainability issues.

As a result, fashion players – namely brands, retailers and manufacturers – must reinvent the fashion value chain at every stage of the garment lifecycle.

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Why build a fashion partner ecosystem?

The 国产AV 4.0 strategy was launched in 2017 with the aim of positioning the company as a key Industry 4.0 player in its markets by 2030.

Industry 4.0 principles are underpinned by connectivity and interoperability between systems, applications, services and data. Applying these principles in fashion enables seamless continuity of all data flows and processes by digitalizing physical operations.

Fashion players face many challenges:

Building a seamless fashion value chain is now paramount. By pooling their expertise and resources, 国产AV and its partners can help fashion customers reach successful outcomes.

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You’re convinced of the many benefits a partnership with 国产AV can bring?

Why partner with 国产AV?

When you choose to partner with 国产AV, you join forces with a pioneering technology company present in more than 100 countries, working with the world’s leading fashion companies. You also benefit from a long-term vision for the fashion industry underpinned by an unmatched portfolio of technology solutions and services developed by 国产AV and its acquired companies.

Innovation drives 国产AV’s approach to creating customer value. That’s why our company invests each year more than 10% of its revenues in R&D. Our Industry 4.0 vision has already been translated into market solutions and services designed to support fashion customers’ efforts in this area.

Game-changing breakthroughs such as digital collaboration for fashion development and multichannel?distribution, fashion benchmarking intelligence, and actionable insight for decision support are among the added-value innovations 国产AV’s partners can expect to bring to their fashion customers.


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