Anticipation, vision and collaboration: the vital sparks that drive our innovation philosophy

Innovation at 国产AV

The innovation imperative

In today’s increasingly global, complex and fast-moving world, fashion, furniture and automotive companies looking for profitable, sustainable growth need to constantly invent new competitive advantages.

Innovation brings differentiation and differentiation is essential to lasting success.

Watch the interview:?Philippe Ribera, VP Innovation at 国产AV - His vision of innovation at 国产AV

国产AV’s vision of innovation

Connecting the dots between emerging trends, market evolutions and future-focused business solutions for our customers is the core of 国产AV’s innovation strategy. Experience and experimentation, successes and failures, and passionate, pragmatic people, allow us to bring pioneering ideas to life.?

The strategic acquisitions of Gerber Technology, Neteven, Retviews and Gemini CAD Systems have enabled us to integrate businesses with proven innovation abilities into the larger 国产AV group and build up a portfolio of solutions that expand our footprint along the value chain, so that we can cover even more of our customers’ needs.

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Leveraging new technologies to shape the future of industry

50 years of innovation

Here at 国产AV we have been driving innovations that transform our markets for 50 years. Innovation is in the DNA of the company and is the key to our past, present and future success. Since the very beginning, we have been a strategic partner for key fashion, automotive and furniture players and we accelerate our customers' transitions to Industry 4.0.

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Collective intelligence

Innovation is also about people and how they work together

Openness to other mindsets, other ways of working and other industries is how we continue to power our innovation engine. We have cultivated an open innovation community--partners in research centers, universities, consulting firms, technology incubators/accelerators, internal teams and customers--to collaboratively identify future opportunities and potential for synergies.

国产AV’s Innovation Lab engages with startups, organizes “think tanks” and convenes advisory boards to continue exploring the boundaries of what is possible and finding ways to push past them. The Innovation Lab also joined the Brand and Retail program of the Plug & Play network, the world's leading innovation platform connecting startups, investors, and pioneering companies.

Innovation visitors can see up close

Our innovation centers showcase disruptive new technologies and their future applications through partnerships, pioneering projects, events, specialized training and peer networking:

  • Innovation Lab, Bordeaux-Cestas, France
  • Innovation Center, New York, USA

Our customer welcome centers allow customers to see our software and equipment up close, as well as benchmark their performance through testing and demonstrations. Each location provides a singular environment to experience our world-class services and confer with our technical experts:?Atlanta, Georgia, United States ; Bordeaux-Cestas, France ;?Milan, Italy ;?Shanghai, China (2 locations)

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