A flexible cutting solution for upholstered furniture

The solution

What is Gerber?Atria? ?

Gerber Atria? digital cutter is a?high-ply digital cutting?solution that can?cut even the toughest materials with absolute precision.?Offering?unmatched throughput, zero-buffer cutting capabilities, and enhanced IoT connectivity, Gerber Atria? cutter lets manufacturers deliver products to market faster than they ever thought possible.??

Gerber Atria? puts manufacturers in complete control over their supply chain, allowing them to conquer any challenge, no matter how big or small.

Accelerate time to market with next-generation cutting technology

Service and support

Gerber Atria? is equipped with the?GERBERconnect?service and reporting?feature, which?allows certified service professionals to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair issues from anywhere in the world.? Gerber Atria comes with several service contract options to ensure your solution is always running at peak performance. You’ll gain access to the??where you can buy Gerber certified parts and consumables designed specifically for your Gerber system.??


GERBERspreader?lets you spread?material quickly and evenly, no matter the thickness or weight. Gerber’s automated spreading solution streamlines production, improves material utilization and increases speed to ensure smooth cutting.?

GERBERspreaders?come in several different sizes to suit your specific needs.?

Fully-Connected Platform

Gerber Atria? is backed by Gerber’s end-to-end ecosystem of industry-leading hardware and software solutions. The fully connected platform streamlines the CAD to Cutroom through various automated processes that maximize throughput, minimize errors and reduce material waste by as much as 30%. Gerber’s end-to-end platform includes PLM, CAD and automated nesting.




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