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Zhongli Furniture upgrades product development with DesignConcept

The search for a solution to stricter quality and efficiency demands led Zhongli Furniture to DesignConcept, 国产AV’s virtual prototyping and costing solution.??

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Zhongli Furniture searches for digital solution to quality and efficiency demands

Established in 1996, Zhongli Furniture sells its products in more than 100 countries and regions in the world such as the United States, Britain, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Australia. Annual sales amounted to 400 million yuan.

Increasingly stringent efficiency and quality requirements, in domestic and foreign markets, obliged Zhongli to consider upgrading the company’s traditional supply chain. In addition, the customization and aesthetic preferences of the younger generations have brought new growth for the company.

With growing demand for new styles and shorter delivery times, Zhongli’s existing product development chain has made Zhongli look to digital upgrades to improve overall development efficiency, respond to the market in a timely manner, and grasp the rapidly changing domestic market and export market.

Virtual prototyping and costing accelerates and improves development processes

国产AV understands the strategic significance digital transformation. It recommended DesignConcept, a 3D virtual prototyping product development and costing solution, to help Zhongli Furniture combine cost targets and evaluate design and production feasibility early in the product development process.

DesignConcept 3D enables Zhongli Furniture to realize the virtual design and development of most products. R&D personnel and prototype makers can collaborate on the same platform, synchronize data, and estimate the required material cost before moving on to the physical stages of production. All data is automatically updated, greatly improving development efficiency.

Discover how DesignConcept helps upholstered furniture manufacturers optimize the efficiency and profitability of new furniture models.

Using 3D visualization for designing and developing reduces prototype sample costs and makes team communication easier and more accurate. Estimating product costs early in the design process is critical to our ability to improve market responsiveness.

Zhu Haizhan

Deputy general manager

Customer story

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