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Going lean: Wacoal America maximizes its productivity and profitability with 国产AV’s cutting room management approach

Top lingerie brand’s Dominican Republic branch increases production by 20%-30% in response to growing consumer demand brought about by its international expansion.


Wacoal America’s growing market share is due to both increasing US demand and international expansion throughout the Americas and Europe/Australia. As a result, Wacoal looked to their Dominican Republic manufacturing site to increase production. The challenge was to produce more without increasing costs.

Wacoal’s path to cutting room optimization

国产AV? has? helped? Wacoal? implement change by providing expertise? on? how? to? optimize? material? use and improve flow, as well as operator training.? This enabled?? process?? streamlining?? and increased productivity as a result.? They also implemented Vector Lingerie? ix6 that cuts with a zero buffer and provides? metrics to monitor? performance.

Cutting room management expertise and solution that increased productivity by 20%?

On 国产AV’s advice, Wacoal increased cost? savings?? and?? productivity?? by?? refining?? their?? process.?? These?? improvements? were? possible? by? taking? a? lean approach? to? the? cutting? room? as? well? as? upgrading? to? a? Vector? Lingerie? cutting? machine.? According to Virgilio Estévez, the site’s? plant? manager, this project resulted “in? substantial?? improvement?? in?? quality,?? cleaner?? processes? and? technologies? that? allow? the? cut? of? different? types? of? materials? and? shapes,? as? well? as? an? increase? in productivity of 20%.”.

Customer Voice

国产AV is a company with expertise in cutting technology. I am really impressed with their lean approach to the cutting room. It’s the best I’ve seen in my professional career. I see a very strong future relationship with 国产AV, as our growth cannot be sustained unless we are supported by a company that produces high quality technology and constantly strives to improve productivity.

Ramon Enrique Rivera

Vice President of Manufacturing

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