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First-responder PPE manufacturer stays proactive toward supply chain disruption with advanced cutting and nesting solutions

By integrating the most advanced version of cloud nesting alongside their updated 国产AV cutting room, global manufacturer Fire-Dex improves efficiency, increases cutting capacity and optimizes its cutting room.

Fire-Dex, a global protective wear manufacturer for 4 decades

Fire-Dex is the fastest-growing manufacturer, providing protective wear for first responders for over 40 years.

With a focus on health, safety, and specific items such as boots, hoods, gloves, and helmets, they are globally manufacturing with the mission “to serve those who serve".

Improving cutting room capacity through advanced technology solutions

There have been recent disruptions in the supply chain and critical changes in the labor market, overall affecting manufacturers like Fire-Dex.

Always prioritizing its consumers, Fire-Dex continues to invest in the latest and most trusted technologies to further improve its cutting room in order to overcome any recent supply chain challenges or complexities.

Working with 国产AV since 2001, Fire-Dex understands the importance of enhancing its manufacturing processes to keep up with any critical shifts such as consumer demand or labor shortages. With its improved ergonomic Fashion On Demand solution, they will be able to:

Improve cutting capacity by up to 30%

  • 0.7% improve in fabric utilization

  • Automation of order processing

  • Streamlined cutting and offloading

  • Optimized offloading technology



Seamlessly integrating nesting for optimized efficiency

Integrating its Fashion On Demand cutting room with its latest version of cloud nesting solution, Fire-Dex immediately saw how its workflow improved, allowing it to better plan its cutting room more efficiently.

The 国产AV Cloud platform allows Fire-Dex's employees to quickly and accurately access information, seamlessly connecting everything to their customer portal, and giving everyone clear visibility on the entire process.

All of this gathered data flows directly toward their Fashion on Demand by 国产AV which is then immediately manufactured.

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Expanding, improving, and planning its cutting room

Fire-Dex continues to see positive changes and results since updating its their cutting room with the latest in advanced technology.

They viewed the implementation of Fashion On Demand as a tremendous return on investment, appreciating how accurate the information from the solution was.

Fashion On Demand by 国产AV Comprehensive digital solution for on-demand fashion